11 November 2015: Sorry, this app is no longer for sale on the App Store. It just isn't economic to maintain it anymore. However, have a look at SnoreLab by Reviva Softworks Ltd.

If you've ever wondered, you can find out with the Do I Snore? app. This app runs on the iPhone, listening to you through the night, recording clips of any snores it hears. Do I Snore? listens for those tell-tale snoring signs and records the top three snores each time the app is run. You can listen to these back in the morning. This app is literally taking the world by storm, selling hundreds of copies in only a few days. It is a real asset to the users who have bought it. Excellent support and a good detailed description of how it works all add value to an already very well priced product. You can set the app to begin listening straight away, or use the built-in timer function to start taking recordings between certain hours only. The app continues to run if the sleep button is pressed and will run for approximately 9-10 hours on the phone's battery. To extend this period, the phone should be plugged in to charge while in use. We recommend this because the phone is unable to go into power saving mode when the app is running.

Using 'Do I Snore?'

When the app is started, it begins to listen straight away. But it will not record anything until you tap the recording button. Do I Snore? examines the sounds it hears for tell-tale signs of snoring. It looks for repetitive sounds and silences (interval matching) together with the four loudest tones it hears. The app uses digital signal processing to extract the tones from the sounds. It matches these against a database of different snores. You will see three level meters at the bottom of the screen. These show the current volume, the rate of matched intervals and matched tones. These are combined in the app to give a total score for the snoring sounds it hears. Do I Snore? aims to record three snores each time it's used. It therefore takes three recordings quite quickly, but continues to monitor and if it finds a "better" snore, it replaces its lowest scoring clip with the new one. To get started, tap the record button. You can choose to begin recording immediately, or you can set it to record between certain times. When the app is recording, the record button pulses on and off. You do not need to leave the iPhone screen on; the app will continue to run in the background when the sleep button on the top of the phone is pressed. If the app records a new clip, you'll see a badge appear just above the playback button. Tapping the play button reveals the "Top Snores" screen. Your snores are ordered with the highest scoring snore at the top. Each snore you haven't heard yet is shown with a blue dot, just like unread messages in the email app. To play a snore back, tap on it in the list. The play button appears on the left hand side. Tap this to begin playback. To delete the snore clip once you've heard it, simply tap the trash button. The clip is removed from the phone.

A little more information is available about the snore. Simply tap on the small arrow button to the right of the snore line. The information panel shows the percentage score against the recorded clip, the time and date of the recording and the score level meter. Have fun using Do I Snore?, but please note we don't have the technology to prevent you from snoring!