Easy Invoice

Prepare invoices for your customers on your iPhone or Mac


Use Easy Invoice to create professional estimates, sales invoices, receipts, credit notes and customer statements and send them straight from your iPhone or iPad in PDF format.

You can also define a list of products you sell, setting volume pricing to speed up data entry even more.

Then track your best selling products, your best customers, who to chase for payment and how much sales tax you've collected using the built in reports.

  • Professional Invoicing, including Receipts, Estimates and Statements.
  • Full set of reports including Customer Aged Debt, Best Sellers, Tax Breakdown.
  • Supports multiple businesses.
  • Define your sales tax accounts.
  • Set a passcode lock to secure access.
  • Backup and restore your data by email or storage in a third party app such as Dropbox or Evernote.
  • Choose between A4 or US Letter page sizes.
  • PDFs are all produced locally on the device.

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Flight Booking System

We are pleased to announce a new product for flying clubs and flight training schools.

Flight School Booking is an online booking system designed to reduce administration costs for flight clubs and schools. It allows members to book aircraft and instructors for flying lessons without needing to phone the office, but goes on to take care of a lot more!

The system is designed to work on mobile devices and desktops, meaning members or instructors can book out aircraft and fill in the technical logs from their phone or tablet. The system is still young and more features are being added all the time. At the moment, the system handles:

  • Booking
  • Booking out
  • Aircraft technical logs
  • Training notes
  • Personal logs
  • Billing & invoicing
  • Member newsletters


If you run a flying school and are interested in finding out more, please have a look at the Flight School Booking web site.

Pedometer - Track your steps

Pedometer uses the new Apple developed "M7" co-processor in your iPhone 5S to track your steps without harming your battery life.

Sometimes you might find you've left your iPhone at home, in the office or the car. Don't lose those precious steps, add them as a manual adjustment for the day.


  • Set your own target of steps per day.
  • View your activity for each day as a histogram.
  •  Adjust the count for those times you didn't have your phone with you.
  • View steps or distance walked (miles or kilometres).
  • Weekly summary shows total steps, distance walked and your fastest pace (over a 15 minute period).
  • M7 chip counts your steps regardless of whether the app is running or not.

NOTE: This app requires iPhone 5S

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User Guide

The main screen shows the following:

  • Your current step count.
  • Step counts for earlier days, displayed as a horizontal histogram.
  • Weekly summary (pictured).

The area at the top of the screen is used to show the following. Just tap on it to switch between one view and the next.

  • Step count.
  • Distance.
  • Weekly summary.

Histogram bars are coloured according to how near you get to your chosen target. The standard target is set to 10,000 steps per day, although you can adjust this in the settings screen if you like. If you reach 75% of your target, the bar turns green. Red is used for step counts of under 25% of your target and orange is used for between 25% and 75%.

Tapping one of the daily step counts in the histogram section opens the detail screen for that day.



The detail screen shows your periods of activity throughout the day. The graph scales automatically, note the value shown on the axis.

You can also adjust your step count using this screen. Sometimes you might find you've left your iPhone at home, in the office or the car. Don't lose those precious steps, add them as a manual adjustment for the day. To do this, tap (and hold) the + button to set the correct adjustment. You may also reduce the number of steps, which you might like to do if someone else used your iPhone for a while, counting their own steps.



Tap the gear wheel at the top of the main screen to open the settings screen.

The pedometer estimates your stride length from your height. Choose between male or female and set your height using the +/- buttons.

Choose between imperial or metric units to display the distances in either miles or kilometres.

Current advice is to aim for 10,000 steps per day. For most people this is equivalent to a distance of around 5 miles. If you want to adjust this target, use the +/- buttons. The target appears as a green vertical line on the main screen.

Pedometer app can run briefly in the background every so often to read the step counts from the M7 chip. This keeps the step count updated even when you're not using the app. If you like, you can choose to show the step count on your iPhone home screen as a badge on the app's icon.

Go Premium!

The app is funded by advertising, but you may prefer to turn all advertising off. To do this, purchase the premium edition. If you do, thank you for your support! I will continue to improve and maintain the app as long as funds permit.